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Griffin Learning Experience Design & Consulting!

GriffinLXD offers full-service Learning Experience Design services centered around the unique needs of your learners and your business.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • eLearning course design and development

  • Learning ecosystem consulting

  • Coaching and mentoring

Selected work

A photo of hands holding a smart phone.  On the screen is a neutral background with green watercolor accents.  On top of the background is the text "eLearning Course Design and Delivery Checklist"

eLearning Course Design & Delivery Checklist


A simple checklist designed for eLearning course creators. Designed to be easy to access and use from a mobile device.

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Image of a computer monitor and on the screen is a 3D rendered image of the office layout from the US sitcom The Office.  The title on the screen reads "Meet the Team!" and three buttons on the image read "View as Chart," "Corporate," and "Warehouse"

Storyline 360

An interactive org chart to introduce learners to key members of a team. This example is based on The Office!

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An image of a laptop computer with hands on the keyboard.  On the laptop screen is an image of four armchairs.  The title on the screen reads "Four Chairs," and the subtitle reads "An interactive exploration of unconscious reactions and intentional responses."

Storyline 360

A scenario-based "choose your own adventure" course featuring characters Lily & Andrew.

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Image of a white triangle on a light blue background.  In the center of the white triangle is the word DRAMA in bold red text.  At each point of the triangle is a smaller grey triangle.  The grey triangles contain the words Hero, Villain, and Victim (one word per triangle).

Rise 360

A multi-lesson course about the Drama Triangle with a clean, modern aesthetic.

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An image of hands holding a smartphone.  On the phone screen are the words "An Introduction to Setting Boundaries" on a background with beige, blue, and pink geometric shapes.

An Introduction to Setting Boundaries


A microlearning lesson with a mobile-first design.

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A desktop computer monitor displaying a "welcome" banner image, a left-side navigation bar, and a title that reads "Document Control - All Users Course"

Canvas LMS

A project-based course featuring reflective exercises and practice activities that build towards a final peer-to-peer report-out.

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