eLearning Design and Development

For clients who have a specific learning topic or course goal in mind.

We'll work together to design and build a digital solution that supports learning and positive behavior change.

Learning Ecosystem Consulting

For clients who want to improve the way their internal learning and development processes are supporting organizational quality goals and business initiatives.

We'll work together to analyze the ways in which your organization is collecting and formalizing tribal knowledge and utilizing available resources to drive performance excellence. Using our analysis data, I will help you design and implement meaningful changes within your learning ecosystem that drive quality improvements for your business.

Coaching and Mentoring

For people who want more generalized support.

Are you new to the Learning & Development field? Are you looking to increase your knowledge of a particular tool or process? Are you looking for guidance and feedback on a course you are building? I offer coaching and mentoring sessions to help you build your skillset and make transitions in your L&D career.